Get Sponsored for Skateboarding – 3 Ways to Do It

So you’re a top notch skater. You’ve got kickflips over stairs, you can hit any handrail, and you even make Andrew Reynolds look like a beginner; but you still don’t have a sponsor. Don’t be another one of the best undiscovered skateboarders; get your name out and get sponsored. There’s tons of ways to go about doing this, but some are more effective than others. I’ve chosen the top three that I believe can get anyone sponsored if they work for it.

1. Competition Skateboarding

The best way to get publicity is to sign up for a local skate jam. The best skaters in your area will all be in one spot, and you can show you’re the best. Most of the times, anyone that would be able to sponsor you in your community will be present at these competitions. If you do win a trick contest, people are going to talk about it. If you look good, people will talk about it. So impress as many people as you can. You never know who could be watching

The key at competitions is to go big. Don’t be scared to fall. Even if you don’t land as many tricks as the other guys, judges or scouts that see you trying big tricks will notice that and take it into consideration. If everyone on their team is doing the same trick, their team is boring. Your trick catalogue will make them interested in sponsoring you.

The other key to winning is style. Make your tricks look good. Anyone can land a trick, but it’s the people that land their tricks and ride away clean that get noticed. When people see someone land a trick but use their hands on the ground for balance, it is much less stunning. You want to impress, or more so SHOCK, the big names in the audience. People need to be watching you at all times. The best way to get their attention is to land big tricks that are clean and stylish.

2. Sponsor Communities

Nowadays, there are tons of skate communities that you can get involved in to increase your chances of getting sponsored. Some are online, some are at your school or local skate shop, and others are through magazines or mail orders. The guy over at the sport bro has one too.

All of them, however, have one thing in common. They get your name out. If you are an active member in a skateboarding forum, and have links to your Myspace with videos of you shredding on there, people are going to check you out. If you happen to catch the eye of a lucky viewer, they might just ask you to join their team.

Among all of these sources for publicity, one stands above the rest. is, in their words,

“… the largest online sponsorship community, providing an avenue for athletes and teams to connect with sponsors while providing companies and retailers with powerful sponsorship and sports marketing solutions.”

This website is a blessing to all skaters and BMXers trying to get to the next level. On you get your own athlete profile, to which you can upload action shots, videos, and personal descriptions of your style and love of the sport. 100’s of sponsors are also linked to the site, and they browse the athlete profile database daily.

So you are basically directly connected with sponsors as soon as you sign up. And the best part is… it’s FREE!

The key to success on Sponsor House is to make your profile stand out. Browse the profiles of skaters that you think stand out, and mimic the things they do well. For example, if one skater has no pictures and 2 videos, their profile will be boring and empty. Whereas if you see a profile with tons of pictures, including ones of just the athlete himself, you feel like you get to know him as a skater a little bit better. And that is great for sponsors. So in short, just be as unique as possible. If your profile sticks out, tons of sponsors will come your way.

3. Sponsor Me Video

The last and final method of getting sponsored is the classic “Sponsor Me” video. This is accomplished by simply creating a film with footage of your skateboarding, and sending it to all the companies/stores you are hoping to get sponsored by. Sometimes this can be the most powerful technique of all, other times it can just be a waste of time. Much like the other methods, it is just a means of gaining publicity, but if you do it right it can make your name blow up faster than both of the methods listed above.

The video does not only have to include you, which can be a really good thing. This way you can put in all the work with your friends, and make a video together. To make your footage seem complete, have each skater’s part be 5-8 minutes long. If your parts are too short it will look like weak effort was put forth. But if the parts drag on with the same tricks repeated, the people watching will get bored. So find the happy medium between the two.

Again, the most important part of your video is being unique. Edit your video and make it better than the competition. Add music and have funny bloopers. Make sure you are showing your sponsors what kind person you are, as well as how good of a skater you are. Remember, when you get sponsored, you are joining a skate team. Be sure to have a video that will show sponsors you’re going to be fun to have on the team.

With these 3 methods, you’re bound to get your name out there. Some people choose one way, others use all three. Either way, using all the methods wouldn’t hurt, it’s just more publicity for you. The main thing to remember is to get your name out and be known. Have everyone at the skate park watch you skate so they recognize you when you show up. You’ll create a name for yourself, and people will start tossin your name around. Eventually, the right person will hear, and you’ll get sponsored.

How to Make Skateboard Videos: Information for Independent Skateboarders

With websites like YouTube, Myspace, and simple blogs, it’s no wonder that individuals enjoy making videos of their daily exploits, vacations, experiments, and countless other events.

One of the more popular videos are skateboarding videos, where skateboarders created a compilation of their tricks, ramps, and other aspects of skating.

If you are a skateboarder and you’d like to try your hand at creating your own skateboarding video, read on to get started.

Items Needed:

Small Camcorder Lens attachments Skaters Computer Video editing software

Step 1: The most important aspect is a camera. You want something that can record at higher frame rates than normal – 60fps is ideal. The camera should be small and light, so that is isn’t hindering to the filmer, who will need to move around quite a bit. It should also have image stabilization.

The Sanyo Xacti is a good line to consider, as the cameras are small and flash based, with HD capabilities and decent prices.

Step 2: Once you choose a camera, you need to get attachments for it – particularly, a wide scene adapter and a fish eye lens. These will attach the the camcorder with a magnetic ring, so make sure the camera you choose can take these types of lenses.

Step 3: Make a plan. You will need to decide ahead of time the general way you will want the final video to be. This will decide on the types of scenes you shoot, and the types of footage you will need for the final project.

This is as simple as getting a piece of paper and pounding out a few ideas.

Step 4: No start filming. At first, get all the basic shots you will want. Film tricks at different angles, and get as many tricks as you want.

After you’ve gotten the basics shot, you can get the more creative shots. Consider strapping the camera to a skateboard to get a low shot, or to a helmet to get a birds-eye view shot.

Finally, get creative with the lenses and get a few offbeat shots to shake things up.

Step 5: Now you need to edit the footage into a video. You will need a computer with enough hard drive space for the videos, and some software to edit them. A good program is After Effects, but is is expensive. A better choice would be Movie Maker or iMovie.

Download the video to your hard drive and copy them into the movie editing software. Start by arranging them in the order you will want them to play.

Once they are in the right order, you will need to crop them to be shorter. Pay attention to the videos before them, and crop accordingly. Make one shot longer, followed by some fast edits. Don’t be afraid to do some extra filming so you have enough to work with.

Step 6: After you’ve edited the video together into the final product, add some music. No one wants to watch a movie that is silent, or has hacked audio from combined clips. There are a number of sites that offer free audio for personal videos.

Step 7: Render the video and save it to your hard drive. If it’s a long video, this can take quite awhile. Be patient.

Step 8: Now that it’s finished, upload it to YouTube and hope it goes viral!