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If you are looking to improve the safety of your longboard or are just looking to decorate your longboarding experience then LED longboard lighting is a great place to start! Longboard lighting will help to improve your safety when longboarding at night but it will also help you to decorate and customize your longboard so it stands out! Let’s learn about longboard lighting and the best LED lights for longboards!

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If you ever plan on riding your longboard in the dark then having LED lights or another form of longboard lighting is a great idea so cars and other people can have an easier time seeing you. This will make your longboard safer to ride but will also make it look much cooler! Let’s learn about the LED lights for longboards.

Best Longboard Lighting Options

There are a few different popular methods of adding longboard lighting that range from adding LED lights to your longboard, buying light up wheels for your longboard, or other creative options. Below we will talk about the best longboard lighting options.

Adding LED Lights For Your Longboard

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Adding LED lights to the bottom of your longboard is one of the most popular and best looking methods of longboard lighting. LED strips are incredibly cheap and they are easy to install to the bottom of your longboard. This means you can just buy a strip of LED lights online and then stick them to the bottom of your longboard. These lights are durable and effective which means you won’t have to worry about them breaking or getting damaged.

A typical package of LED lights for longboards will come with around 6 – 10 feet of LED light strips which means you will have plenty of extra longboard lighting to share with your friends or to keep in case your LED lights fall off or get damaged. We believe is this best option for those who want a cheap and efficient method of adding lights to their longboard. Below is our recommend LED lights for longboards.

Recommended LED Lights

Eggboards LED Longboard Lighting

Eggboards has been in the longboard industry for multiple years now and has established themselves as one of the best longboard brands. They are mostly known for their longboard accessories and one of their most popular products is their longboard lights. Instead of using LED lights that stick to the bottom of your longboard deck, Eggboard lights use a rubber attachment to attach to your longboard trucks. This is a great option as there are many different longboard types but all of them have very similar styles of trucks which mean this light will still work for them.

Learn About Eggboard Lights

Light Up Longboard Wheels

lightup longboard wheels

One of the most ways of adding longboard lighting is to buy light up longboard wheels. This is a great way to make your longboard standout but also provide you with the lighting you need for riding your longboard at night. We have seen light up longboard wheels grow in popularity of the past few years and we really love how they look! You can check out our recommended longboard light up wheels below!

Longboard Light Up Wheels

Why Add Longboard Lighting?

Adding lights to your longboard will not only look cool and help your longboard stand out compared to everyone else, but it will provide a safer riding experience. If you are riding your longboard at night it is important to make sure cars and other individuals can see you coming and the best way to do this is to add some form of longboard lighting. We recommend choosing one of the three options above and adding it to your longboard when you plan on riding at night. The most common form of longboard lighting is adding LED lights to the bottom of your longboard as this is a cost effective method that allows you to customize the color of the lights.

Will Adding Longboard Lights Make My Longboard Harder To Ride?

One of the most common questions we get asked about adding longboard lights is if it will impact the ride of your longboard. The smoothness and efficiency of your longboard is one of the most important things about riding a longboard and you don’t want your longboard lighting to impact that. All of the longboard light suggestions we talked about above will not impact the ride of your longboard or make it more difficult to ride.

Whats The Best Longboard Lighting?

It can be difficult to pick the best longboard lights because each answer will depend on the rider. The lights you add to your longboard should be customized for your needs as well as your wants. LED lights can be a great option for most individuals but others would rather have light up wheels. Just as there are many great skateboard brands, there are also many great lighting options. We recommend you checkout the products we recommended above and then pick the best option for you!

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