Best Longboard Brands For 2021

If you are new to longboarding or are looking to buy a new longboard then it is important to only shop from the best longboard brands. By shopping from well known longboard brands you can insure that you receive the best possible longboard for your needs. In this article we review the top 10 longboard brands for 2021 to help you find the perfect longboard for you. Let’s get started!

best longboard brands in 2021

Top 10 Best Longboard Brands In 2021

There are many different longboard brands on the market in 2021 which can make it difficult for beginners or even veterans to pick their next longboard. Our team has reviewed the top 10 best longboard brands to help our readers learn more about their history, the longboards they manufacture, and their influence on the skateboarding industry. Some of these brands are known to also be the best skateboard brands, but others only work within the longboard industry. Below is our list of the top 10 best longboard brands:

  1. Landyachtz
  2. Rayne
  3. Loaded Longboards
  4. Madrid
  5. Comet
  6. Earthwing
  7. Sector 9 Longboards
  8. Bustin
  9. Arbor Collective
  10. Omen Longboards

In Depth Reviews of The Top 10 Longboard Brands

If you are looking to buy your next longboard it is important to have a good understanding of the history of the brand as well as the products that the company sells. This will give you a better understanding of which brand you should buy your next longboard from. In the section below our team has reviewed each of the top longboarding brands to help our readers pick the best longboard for them. Longboards and skateboards come in many different sizes and shapes, it is important to know which is the best for you.

Landyachtz Longboards

Landyachtz is one of the most well known and popular longboard brands on the market in 2021. Our team ranked Landyachtz as our #1 best longboard brand in the world because they sell incredibly high quality longboards, deliver them all across the world, and have amazing customer service. Landyachtz is one of the most well known longboarding brands in the world and they got this title because of how high quality their longboards are.

If you are looking to buy the best longboard on the market then we can’t remember a better longboard brand than Landyachtz. They sell longboards, as well as trucks, wheels, and other merchandise. They offer a variety of different kinds of longboards that range from beginner friendly longboards, cruisers, pintails, downhill speed boards, drop deck longboards, dancing longboards, and more!

Rayne Longboards

Rayne Longboards is known for their high quality bamboo longboards and have grown in popularity over the past few years. Rayne Longboards was founded in 2004 by professional longboarder Graham Buksa. Graham and the Rayne team were one of the first longboard brands that created their longboards out of bamboo and fiberglass. This innovative technology has transformed the entire longboard industry. This new technology led us to list Rayne as one of the best longboard brands on the market in 2021. Rayne produces amazing freeride boards, downhill longboards, dancing longboards, cruisers, and other types of longboards. We highly recommend that you check out Rayne!

Loaded Longboards

Loaded Longboards was founded in 2002 by Don Tashman. Tashman is an avid longboarder and was unsatisifed with the quality of longboards being produced in the early 2000’s so he decided to create his own. He hired the smartest minds in the skateboard manufacturing industry to help create the highest quality longboards on the market. The quality of their longboards is why we ranked them on our list of the best longboard brands on the market. Loaded Longboards are incredibly popular all across the world and are even more popular in the longboard dancing industry.

Madrid Longboards

Madrid Longboards is one of the oldest and most successful longboard and skateboarding brands in the world. Madrid Longboards was founded in the 1960’s by Jerry Madrid. Jerry Madrid started his career as a professional surfer but always loved longboarding. Jerry Madrid soon transferred from surfing to working in the longboarding industry full time. He began producing longboards in the 1960’s and has since expanded to a wide variety of different longboards. Madrid is known for creating cruising longboards because of its similarity to surfing.

Comet Longboards

Comet Longboards has been creating high quality longboards in the U.S ever since 1997. They were founded when their team were unsatisfied with the quality of American built longboards during the 1990’s. They strive to provide the best American-made longboards on the market. Comet is incredibly popular for longboard beginners because of their high levels of durability but also because of their affordable prices. We absolutely love the longboards sold by Comet and we think you will love your new longboard by them!

Longboard Buying Guide

Over the years our team has received many different questions from our readers and past customers. Before you buy a longboard it is important to have a good understanding of longboards and the best longboard brands in order to make a good buying decision. Below are frequently asked questions we receive about longboard brands and buying a longboard.

How We Ranked The Best Longboard Brands

There are many high quality longboard brands which can make it difficult to list the best longboard brands. Our team has reviewed all of the longboard brands that we have talked about in this article and have looked a variety of different factors when reviewing longboard brands. It is important to look at many different factors and viewpoints when reviewing longboards. Below are the factors we considered when ranking our best longboard brands:

  • Are the longboards high quality?
  • Do they offer a wide selection of longboards?
  • Do they sell different sizes and shapes?
  • Do they sell multiple different types of longboards?
  • What are the longboards made out of?
  • Has the brand helped to grow the longboard industry?
  • Is the longboard good for beginners?
  • Is the longboard good for professionals?

What Are The Best Longboard Brands For Beginners?

If you are a beginner or are looking to buy your first longboard, it is important to only buy from a high quality brand. We highly recommend you read through our list of the best longboard brands and choose a brand that resonates with you. The list above are all high quality longboards that will be great for beginners! If you are a beginner we highly recommend you shop from Landyachtz, Rayne, Loaded, Comet, Madrid, or any of the other longboard brands that we listed above.

What Type of Longboard Should I Get

There are many different types of longboards available on the market. And most of the best longboard brands will offer many different types of boards. This can make it difficult for beginners to understand which type of longboard they should purchase. Below we have listed a few of the most popular types of longboards and who they are good for:

  • Downhill Longboards – Downhill longboards are one of the most common types of longboards and are known for providing high speed riding.
  • Drop Through Longboards – Drop through longboards are easy to identfiy because they have “cutouts” on each nose of the board. They are great all-around longboards and are used for speed but also for free riding and cruising.
  • Carving Longboards – Carving longboards are designed to allow riders to carve. Carving is very similar to surfing which is great for those who have a background in surfing and not skateboarding.
  • Cruising Longboards – Cruising longboards come in a variety of different shapes but they are design for a more laidback and enjoyable style of longboarding. They are known for allowing the user to free ride and cruising within minimal effort.
  • Pintail Longboard – Pintail longboards are known for their teardrop shape at the back of the board. This shape provides for deeper carving and cruising.

How Long Are Longboards

The length of longboards can vary drastically depending on the type of longboard as well as the longboard brand. The average length of a longboard can range from 30 inches to over 60 inches in length, or 76cm to over 152cm.

What Size Longboard Should I Get

It is important to find a longboard that will fit your body size as well as a longboard that will provide you with the riding style that you desire. If you are on the taller side or heavier side of the spectrum then it can be beneficial to buy a longboard that is wider as well as longer in length. A larger longboard will provide you with more stablity and will be easier to ride. If you are smaller then you might be more comfortable riding a smaller longboard as it will be easier to control. It is important to find the right sized longboard for you and your needs. Most of the best longboard brands will sell a wide variety of different shapes and sizes.

How To Pick A Longboard

When you are looking to buy your first longboard it is important to think about your desired riding style. Are you looking for a longboard that is built for speed? Do you want to just cruise on flat ground? Do you want to learn to carve? Your answers to these questions will provide you with a different recommended longboard as different types of longboards are better for different riding styles. It is important to ask yourself these questions before you buy your first longboard.

How To Assemble A Longboard

Assembling a longboard can be difficult if you have never put together a longboard or a skateboard. Typically a beginner longboard will come all ready put together or will provide detailed instructions for putting the board together. If the longboard you purchased doesn’t come with instructions we highly recommend you find a Youtube video with your exact longboard model. There are thousands of videos on Youtube that will walk you through the entire process of how to assemble a longboard. Typically this will revolve adding the trucks, bearings, and wheels to you longboard.

Best Longboard Brands Conclusion

If you are new to longboarding or are looking to buy your first longboard then we highly recommend you only shop for the best longboard brands. The brands listed in this article have been around for many years and are known for providing high quality products to their customers. Our team has individually reviewed each and every brand on our list. We hope this article has helped you become a longboard expert and helped you find your next longboard!

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