Best Longboard Wheels For Cruising, Sliding, And Downhill

When it comes to longboarding, the type of wheels you use will have a huge impact on your overall ride. There are different types of longboard wheels that are better for different styles of longboarding such as cruising, sliding, downhill, dancing, and more. It is important that you find the best longboard wheels for your favored longboarding style as well as wheels that work well with your longboard brand.

best longboarding wheels

Longboard wheels are usually significantly larger and softer compared to traditional skateboard wheels. These differences provide them with a smoother and more efficient ride compared to a traditional street skateboard. Even though longboard wheels are different than skateboard wheels, there are still many different types and sizes of longboard wheels. Each kind will provide the longboarder a different experience. This can make it difficult for beginners to find the best longboard wheels for them, but in our guide we will walk you through the entire process of buying longboard wheels.

Best Longboard Wheels In 2021

Our team has over 20 years of experience in the longboard and skateboarding industry and we have used this experience to test and review dozens of different kinds of longboard wheels. We have broken down our review into the best overall longboard wheels as well as talking about the best longboard wheels for cruising, sliding, dancing, downhill, and more!

Our Recommended Longboard Wheels:

Here is our quick breakdown of the best longboard wheels for every type of skating.

It is important to read a complete review of longboard wheels in order to make sure you buy the perfect wheels for your longboarding styling. In the below section we go into more detail about why we recommend the longboard wheels that we listed above. Lets learn more about longboarding wheels!

Best Longboard Wheels For Beginners – FreeDare Stimulus

freedare longboard cruising wheels

If you are looking for the best longboard wheels for beginners then the FreeDare wheels and bearings combo set is the perfect option for you. They are affordable, they are durable, they provide a smooth ride, and they also come with the bearings so you don’t have to make any other purchases. These are the longboard wheels that we typically recommend for anyone who is looking for a high quality but overall good set of longboard wheels. These wheels are good for all different types of riding and the affordable price makes them a great option. These will work with all of the different types of longboards no matter the size or the shape. We highly recommend these longboard wheels!

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Best Longboard Wheels For Cruising – BigFoot Cruiser

bigfoot cruising longboard wheels

When looking at the best longboard wheels for cruising you want to look for wheels that will provide a smooth roll but also efficient riding. The BigFoot Mountain Cruisers provide an incredibly smooth and easy ride which is perfect for cruising. We believe for the price, these are the best longboard wheels for cruising. They are easy to put on your longboard and will provide a fun and smooth ride that is perfect for a cruise around town. We highly recommend these longboard wheels!

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Best Longboard Wheels For Sliding – Sector 9 Sliding Wheels

sector 9 sliding longboard wheels

When you are looking for the best longboard wheels for sliding it is important to only look at wheels that are specifically designed for sliding. The Sector 9 Butterballs Sliding wheels were specificially designeed for sliding. The material is softer and the wheels are more narrow than the average longboard wheel which makes them perfect for sliding. The softer wheels provides easier and sharper turns and slides, and the narrower wheels allows for faster acceleration and easier slides. The Sector 9 Slide Formula wheels are the best longboard wheels for sliding and sharp carving and we know you will love riding on them!

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Best Longboard Wheels For Downhill Speed – Orangatang Downhill Wheels

longboard wheels for downhill

When you are looking for the best longboarding wheels for downhill speed you want to look at wheels that are designed for speed. Downhill wheels will typically be a little wider and more sturdy compared to other models of wheels. This gives the longboard a bit more stability and allows for the rider to reach maximum speeds compared to softer wheels which has more friction with the ground. Orangatang Kegel wheels are 80MM which makes them one of the wider longboard wheels on the market. They are designed and manufactured out of California and are used by many longboarding downhill riders around the world. These wheels are incredibly fast and will provide you with a great downhill riding experience.

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Longboard Wheels Buying Guide

Our team receives questions from readers all the time about longboarding wheels, so we have compiled the most frequently asked questions about longboard wheels in the section below. We hope this section helps to answer any questions you have about buying longboard wheels. Please reach out to our team if you have any other questions about the best wheels for your longboard.

How To Choose Longboard Wheels

Choosing longboard wheels can be difficult because there are so many different types of wheels, sizes of wheels, and materials of wheels. All of these factors will provide a different longboarding experience. When you are looking to buy new longboard wheels we always recommend that you look for wheels that fit your riding style. If you are looking for longboard wheels for downhill speed then look for wheels that are specifically designed for downhill. If you are looking for longboard wheels that are good for slides, then shop wheels that are designed for sliding. The type of longboarder you are is important for when choosing the best longboard wheels for you.

What Are Longboard Wheels Made Of?

The average longboard wheel is made out of a combination of polyurethane and other materials but polyurethane is the most prominent material. The exact materials of longboard wheels can vary depending on the type of longboarding wheel as well as the brand the manufacturers them.

What Are The Biggest Longboard Wheels?

Longboard wheels can come in a wide variety of different sizes. There are some longboard wheels that are smaller than 50MM in size, but the biggest longboard wheels can be over 110MM in size! These longboard wheels are absolutely massive and can actually be rode off-roads and in grass because of how large they are.

How To Change Longboard Wheels

Changing longboard wheels can be difficult for beginners but the entire process is actually vary easy once you get used to it. The process involves removing the bearings and old wheels, and installing the new wheels. We typically recommend adding new bearings while you are changing your longboard wheels. The easiest way to learn how to change longboard wheels is to watch a Youtube video. We recommend you search Youtube for a tutorial.

How To Clean Longboard Wheels

Cleaning your longboard wheels is a great way to keep your wheels healthy but also to provide you with a smoother ride. If your wheels are dirty they can become cracked but they can also impact the smoothness of the ride. You can either clean your longboard wheels by taking them completely off the board and soaking them in soapy water for 10 minutes or you can use paper towel to wipe down the wheels. For the best possible clean we recommend you take the wheels off and let them soak in soapy water.

Best Longboard Wheels Conclusion

It can be difficult to find good longboard wheels for you because of how many different types there are on the market. When shopping for longboard wheels it is important to search for wheels that are designed for your style of longboarding. If you are looking to cruise then we recommend you pick longboarding wheels that are designed for cruising. We hope this article has helped you become a longboard wheels expert. We recommend reading our other blog articles for more longboard and skateboarding content.

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