Best Shoes For Longboarding

The best shoes for longboarding can come in a wide variety of different shapes and sizes but they all will attempt to provide longboarders with the best skating experience possible. The best longboarding shoes will typically have a thick and flat sole that will help you balance on your longboard and have a good grip across the grip tape. No matter what longboard brand you are riding, wearing high quality longboarding shoes can improve your skating experience. Let’s jump straight into our longboarding shoes review.

best longboarding shoes

If you are looking for a quick glance at what the best shoes for longboarding are, then we have created the quick list below. After this list we will go into more detail about each of these longboarding shoes in the section below.

Quick Look: Best Shoes For Longboarding

Below is a quick look at our recommended shoes for riding a longboard:

  1. Vans Sk8-Hi Shoes
  2. DC Graffik Skate Show
  3. Adidas Daily 3.0 Skate Shoe

In the below section, we will dive into a deeper review of each of the recommended longboarding shoes above.

Best Shoes For Longboarding

There are hundreds of different skate shoes on the market that are great for longboarding. This is great because there are many different options, but this can also be difficult for beginners to understand which is the best shoe for longboarding. Below is our in-depth review of the best longboarding shoes currently on the market.

1. Vans Sk8-Hi Longboarding Shoes - Best For Beginners

vans longboarding shoes

Vans is one of the original skateboard shoe brands and has pioneered the industry. This is why we have listed them number one on our list. The original Vans is famous in the longboarding industry because of its long history of bombing hills, carving on different longboards, and the overall cool appearance. The Vans Sk8-Hi skate shoes are a high top shoe that provides you with excellent ankle support that not many longboarding shoes will provide. This means that if you slip off your longboard then your ankles are protected from sprains an being rolled.

These Vans longboarding shoes also provide leather padding throughout the entire shoe which will provide a more durable experience but will also protect your foot from trauma. Your foot and ankle will be protected from hitting your board against it because of the additional leather and durable material. These shoes also come with a thick and durable sole that provides you with stable balance but also a great level of traction on the grip tape of your longboard. These Vans longboarding shoes are incredibly popular and we think they are the best longboarding shoe for beginners because of the protection they provide with your foot and ankle as well as their overall grip and how comfortable they are.

2. DC Graffik Casual Skate Shoe - Most Durable Longboard Shoes

DC Graffik Casual Skate Shoe

The DC Graffic Skate Shoe is an incredibly popular show for longboarding because of its flat soles that are great for balancing but also because it is made out of 100% leather. The leather material is incredibly durable and will withstand even the harshest longboarding session. Leather is great for longboarding shoes because the material is comfortable but are also durable. This means your feet and ankles will be protected while you skate, but they will also be comfortable during the entire time.

DC is one of the most well known and popular skate shoe brand because of their high quality products but also their partnership with popular professional skaters and skating personalities. These partnerships with skaters such as Rob Dyrdek have helped to grow the DC brand and help provide more and more longboarders with their shoes. We absolutely love the high quality rubber soles of these DC longboarding shoes because they are incredibly durable. These shoes will last for ages and we highly recommend you give them a chance!

3. Adidas Daily 3.0 Skate Shoe - Most Stylish Longboarding Shoes

adidas daily 3.0 skate shoe

If you are new to longboarding and are looking for a brand that you know, then Adidas is a great option. Adidas is one of the most well known shoe and clothing brands in the world. Many individuals who are new to the longboarding industry would rather buy shoes from a brand that they know and trust compared to a brand that only sells skate shoes. The Adidas Daily 3.0 Skate Shoes are great for longboarding because of their flat rubber soles as well as their durable fabric material. Other longboarding shoes are made out of a majority of leather but these Adidas longboarding shoes are actually made out of a suede textile material which is highly durable and long-lasting.

These longboarding shoes are incredibly popular because of their durable material, their strong rubber soles that are great for balancing, but also because of their stylish design. Often times you will see these shoes worn by individuals who don’t even own a longboard. This is because of how comfortable the shoe is but also because of how great they look. We highly recommend the Adidas Daily 3.0 Longboarding Shoes.

Are Longboard Shoes Required To Ride A Longboard?

There isn’t any requirement for what you have to wear when longboarding. You can technically ride a longboard without any shoes at all! But there are many benefits of wearing longboarding shoes when riding your longboard. These specific type of skate shoes will provide you with more balance because of their flat and sturdy soles, but they will also protect your feet and ankles more than your average pair of shoes would.

What Are The Benefits of Riding With Longboarding Shoes?

The benefits of longboard shoes come down to three main benefits:

  1. Longboard shoes will protect your feet and your ankles from getting hit by the board but also from rolling your ankle if you fall off of your longboard.
  2. These shoes will provide a comfortable riding experience. Longboarding can be strenuous on your feet and ankles, so having a comfortable shoe is vital when you are riding a longboard.
  3. Longboard shoes have flat and sturdy soles compared to running shoes and these soles provide a more solid and stable balance. The soles are typically made of durable rubber that will provide you a better riding experience and will last for ages.

What Makes A Good Longboarding Shoe?

A good longboarding shoe should be made of durable material so it doesn’t get ripped up by the grip tape, it should protect your feet and ankles, and it should provide a stable balancing experience. There are many different types of longboards but your shoe longboard shoe should always provide a good grip of the board. It is important to look for longboard shoes that will protect your feet as well as help to provide a great riding experience for you.

What Brands Sell Longboarding Shoes?

There are many different brands that sell longboarding shoes as well as skateboarding shoes. There are brands that only sell skate shoes such as DC Shoes, Adio, or Zoo York. But then there are a few brands which started as skateboarding brands but have made it into pop culture such as Vans, Converse, or Supra shoes. And then there are brands that started as running shoes but then created a skate brand such as Nike Skateboarding, Adidas Skateboarding, or Puma. There are many different brands that sell longboard shoes and no matter what your preference is, you will be able to find the perfect brand for you.

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