Blackout Skateboards Review

Belonging to the family of Skate Season Inc., Blackout Skateboards are tested to be strong and responsive. The patented, unique core-tech tri-core ply’s provide a stronger skateboard. Blackout Skateboards are growing incredibly popular because of their partnership with many retail stores such as Zumiez. Read our best skateboard brands to see how Blackout Skateboards ranks.

Blackout Skateboards History

Blackout Skateboards are made and owned by Blackout Distribution. Started in 2003, Blackout has grown immensely over the years. They now have distribution companies in Canada, Europe, Japan and more. You can read our best skateboard brands to learn about other popular manufacturers of skateboards.

Blackout Skateboards Review

Blackout skateboards are some of the best skateboard brands. How do we know they’re the best? The Blackout team has included a lot of features in their designs to ensure your safety and durability. As one of our top skateboard brands, you can trust that these boards will last longer and be more powerful than other brands.

Blackout Skateboards Pop

Blackout Skate decks are designed with both a concave and an elongated nose, meaning they offer the perfect balance of stability and control. These specialty boards also come in one-of-a-kind colors for a fresh new look at the skatepark.

At first, the board is light and has a nice “floaty” feel while performing tricks. However, this deck wears out quickly and becomes dull after only a few uses. You can learn more about this from our how to skateboard article and our skateboard sizes guide.

Blackout Skateboards Shape

The concave is about medium at first but flattens out slightly. The nose and tail are identical, having a wider nose like most decks do. Issue I had with the shape was that the tail begins to chip quickly which makes it seem like the tail is shorter than it would be otherwise, however this has no impact on the deck itself just durability.

Blackout Skateboards Durability

I’ve talked mostly about the durability of this deck so far. I noticed pressure cracks forming quickly and when 3 weeks in, it snapped with minimal damage to other parts of the board. It is weaker than other decks that I’ve had before as a rider for sure but there are more important aspects to watch out for like speed and overall grip of the skateboard.

Blackout Skateboards Review: Final Verdict

The $30 price tag on this deck is fairly average, it just wasn’t as durable as I would have liked. The lack of durability was a major drawback for me, but the price made up for scoring points in other areas. Overall rating of Blackout Skateboards = 6/10.

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