Darkstar Skateboards Review

Darkstar Skateboards is one of the most commonly purchased skateboards across the United States. But are they one of the best skateboard companies on the market? In our complete Darkstar Skateboards review we will take a look at the company history, talk about the quality of their skateboards, and taking a look at customer reviews. Let’s jump in!

darkstar skateboards review

Darkstar has built partnerships with large retail stores such as Walmart which makes them one of the highest selling skateboarding brands but being sold in Walmart has also gave the brand a lower quality impression in the eye of customers, Let’s start by learning about the history of Darkstar Skateboards.

Darkstar Skateboards History

Darkstar Skateboards was founded by famous professional skateboarder Chet Thomas in 1997. Chet and the Darkstar Skateboards team founded the company in his garage. The original Darkstar product was actually skateboard wheels and longboard wheels. Chet was tired of skateboard wheels becoming flat and breaking after only a short period of time so he set out to create high quality skateboard wheels.

After his wheels became popular within the skateboarding industry, Chet decided to start creating skateboard decks and then eventually creating complete skateboards. The sale of complete skateboards is what helped to drastically increase the popularity of Darkstar Skateboards and make the brand what it is today. Darkstar Skateboards was eventually acquired by the Dwindle Distribution company and partnered with Globe Skateboarding while keeping Chet Thomas on staff of the Darkstar Skateboard brand.

Darkstar Skateboards Quality

Darkstar Skateboards are known for offering affordable complete skateboards and decks to beginners and less experienced skaters. Their boards are high quality for the price point but they won’t compare to highend skateboards that the professionals use. But the ability to buy a complete skateboard for less than $40 is a unique offering within the skateboard industry which helps to separate Darkstar from its competitors.

Darkstar is known for selling decks and complete skateboards online as well as in large retail stores such as Walmart. This partnership has allowed them to sell skateboards to individuals who may have never purchased a skateboard before. Even though their skateboards are sold at retail stores, the boards and accessories are high quality for the price point and are great for most individuals who are looking to get started in skateboarding.

Darkstar Skateboarding Accessories Review

Similar to Enjoi Skateboards, Darkstar started selling only one piece of skateboarding equipment but soon transitioned into selling many different pieces of equipment. Darkstar started out only selling skateboard wheels and have since expanded into selling skateboard decks, complete skateboards, wheels, trucks, bearings, clothing, and even expanded into the longboarding industry. During our Darkstar Skateboards review we analyzed their overall growth in popularity and we think this trend will continue over the next 5 years because of the launch of their new products.

Is Darkstar Skateboards Good For Beginners?

Darkstar Skateboards is a perfect option for beginners because they offer complete skateboards at an incredibly affordable price. When you are a beginner you don’t need a high-end skateboard. You need something that is durable and will get the job done and then when you gain some experience you can think about buying a more expensive board. Darkstar is also readily available at most retail stores which makes it incredibly easy to pickup during your next shopping trip. We have reviewed Darkstar Skateboard reviews from customers and we saw that a large percentage of customers absolutely love their Darkstar skateboards.

How Has Darkstar Influenced The Skateboarding Industry?

Darkstar has had an extreme impact on the skateboarding industry because of how popular their products have become. Darkstar Skateboards created a partnership with Walmart to sell their skateboards in all of their retail stores. This means they have put their products in front of millions and millions of potential customers around the world. This has been beneficial for Darkstar’s sales but also caused a slightly bad brand impression in the eyes of experienced skaters.

Experienced skaters will assume that a skateboard that is sold in Walmart will be incredibly low quality even though this isn’t really the case. Darkstar Skateboards are more affordable and are great for beginners but we do believe they are a legitimate skateboard brand. Based on Darkstar Skateboards review from customers, we can see that many customers love their Darkstar Skateboards and we think they are a great option for beginners or less experienced skaters.

Darkstar Skateboards Review Conclusion

Darkstar is one of the most popular skateboard brands in the world become of their partnership with retail stores but also their affordability. This makes it a great option for beginner skateboarders or individuals who would never think about skating before. Darkstar started out creating skate wheels but have since evolved into selling nearly every type of skateboarding equipment. We think you will enjoy skating Darkstar. For more informational skating articles we recommend you check out our most recent blog articles.

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