Element Skateboard Review

Element skateboards is one of the most popular skateboard brands in the world and has cemented its legacy within the skateboarding industry. They were founded by professional skateboarders and was created specifically for skaters. In our complete Element Skateboards review we will discuss the company history, look at customer reviews, and discuss their influence on the skateboarding industry.

element skateboards review

Element Skateboards History

Element Skateboards was founded in the early 1990’s by professional skateboarder Johnny Schillereff. Element Skateboards began under the name of Underworld Element and was based out of Atlanta. At this point in time Element created skateboards but they also focused on improving the urban culture which ranged from hip-hop music, art, social design, and more. The company was around for a few years but never really grew massively in popularity.

It wasn’t until a few years later when Underworld Element was rebranded as just Element Skateboards and focused primarily on creating skateboard products. By focusing solely on skateboarding, Element began to grown massively all across the country. The Element logo represents the four elements in the world which are Wind, Water, Fire, and Earth and has grown to become one of the most recognizable brands in skateboards.

During this time Element Skateboards began growing tremendously because they were creating high quality skateboards. They started with skateboard decks and began expanding into many different skateboard sizes and other products. But Element Skateboards began expanding by sponsoring professional skateboards and cementing their brand within the skateboarding industry. They have sponsored professional skaters that range from Nyjah Huston, Bam Margera, Mark Appleyard, and more.

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Element Skateboards Products

Element Skateboards began creating skateboard decks, but they have since expanded into selling nearly every product within the skateboard industry. Their decks are created with high quality wood and typically have beautiful designs on them. These decks began growing in popularity once Element started growing their team of professional skaters. Each skater would begin designing and creating their signature boards which became incredibly popular with customers. This is one of the reasons that Element Skateboard grew so quickly.

Element Skateboards began selling complete skateboards, clothing, and other skateboard equipment and accessories along side their decks. These products were fan favorites and grew in popularity incredibly quickly. Element Skateboards would set up tents at professional skateboarding events so that fans could purchase the same equipment that their favorite skaters were riding. This helped to build up a loyal fan base of skaters all across the country.

Is Element Skateboards Good For Beginners?

Element Skateboards are great for beginners as well as experienced skaters. They have a wide range of products that range from more affordable to higher quality. We believe that Element is a great brand for beginners who are looking to buy their first skateboard. We recommend you look at their complete skateboards as this is the simplest option for beginners. Complete skateboards are great for beginners because it comes with the deck, trucks, hardware, bearings, wheels, grip tape, and everything you need to start skating. This is the best option for beginners and we highly recommend Element Skateboards for beginners. We have Element Skateboard reviews from first time skaters who absolutely love their skateboards.

Element Skateboards Influence On The Skateboard Industry

Element Skateboards has been one of the most influential skateboard brands in the entire skateboard industry. It is common to see individuals who have never skateboarded to wear Element clothing. Element has expanded outside of just the skateboarding industry and has touched many different industries. Element has been incredibly influencial on professional skateboarding by sponsoring pro skaters, sponsoring and hosting events, and providing skaters with a chance of earning a lot of money. But Element has also drastically improved the beginner skateboarding scene by providing beginners with high quality skateboards for an affordable price.

Professionals Who Skate For Element

There have been hundred of professional skaters who have skated for Element. These names range from legendary skateboarders such as Bam Margera, Mark Appleyard, and Nyjah Huston. They also sponsor modern professionals such as Brandon Westgate, Ethan Loy, Jaakko Ojanen, Nick Garcia, Tom Schaar, and more. Element continues to sponsor numerous professional skaters and will continue to expand the professional skateboarding scene.

Element Skateboards Review Conclusion

Element Skateboards in one of the most well known skateboard brands in the world. They have grown the beginner skateboarding scene as well as the professional skateboarding scene. We absolutely love their products and believe you will absolutely love them as well. We highly recommend Element Skateboards! For more reviews and informational content we recommend reading our skateboard blog articles.

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