Enjoi Skateboard Review

Enjoi Skateboards is one of the most popular skateboard brands on the market in 2021 and is great for beginner skaters as well as professionals. Enjoi has been around the skateboard scene for many years and in our Enjoi Skateboard review we will talk about their history, the boards and products they sell, their influence on the skateboard industry, and take a look at customer reviews. Let’s jump in!

enjoi skateboard reviews

Enjoi Skateboard History

Enjoi Skateboards may be considered newer compared to some old school skateboard brands but Enjoi has an established history. Enjoi Skateboards was founded in 2000 by skateboard legends Marc Johnson and Rodney Mullen. Mullen and Johnson are two of the most well known professional skaters in the history of skateboard and together they have founded multiple skateboard brands such as Enjoi, Element, Blind, Chocolate, Almost Skateboards, and more.

Enjoi Skateboards is sister companies with Element Skateboards and Blind Skateboards. All three of these brands were co-created by Rodney Mullen and is. distributed by Dwindle Distribution company which is one of the most well known skateboard manufacturers. Enjoi is known mostly for their complete skateboards but they have also expanded to sell a wide range of skating products that range from decks to clothing.

What Skateboard Products Do Enjoi Sell?

Enjoi originally joined the skateboard scene by selling skateboard decks and they soon began selling even more skateboard products. Enjoi soon began selling complete skateboards and then when they began growing a large fanbase they began selling clothing and apparel. Enjoi clothing is incredibly popular and is made out of great quality materials. We absolutely love their clothing designs and think they make great skate clothing.

Are Enjoi Skateboards High Quality?

Enjoi creates incredibly high quality skateboards thats perfect for most street skaters. Enjoi has been in the skateboarding industry for over 20 years and they have nearly perfected their skateboard manufacturing process. Enjoi offers customers affordable complete skateboards that are perfect for beginners but they also offer high end skateboards for more experienced skaters. Enjoi also provides skateboards with beautiful designs that our team absolutely loves.

Are Enjoi Skateboards Good For Beginners?

Enjoi offers many skateboards that are great for beginners. A good beginner skateboard should be durable but also affordable. Enjoi Skateboards offers many different high quality complete skateboards that are perfect for beginners. Complete skateboards are the simplest option for beginners because it comes with everything you need to know to get started skating. A complete skateboard makes it easy for beginners to get their first skateboard.

Enjoi skateboards come with a variety of great designs that are beginner friendly but also look beautiful. We highly recommend you give enjoi skateboards a shot and we think they are great for beginners as well as experienced skaters. Enjoi creates many different skateboard sizes and shapes so you can find one that is perfect for you.

Who Skates For Enjoi?

Enjoi skateboards are perfect for beginners but they are also great for professional skateboarders. Enjoi Skateboarders has sponsored hundreds of professional skaters over the past 20 years including legendary skateboards such as Chris Cole, Louie Barletta, and Jerry Hsu. Enjoi currently sponsors new professional skaters such as Ben Raemers, Zack Wallin, Caswell Berry, and others.

Enjoi Skateboard Review Conclusion

Enjoi skateboards is one of the most popular skateboard brands on the market. They create high quality and durable skateboards that are great for beginners as well as for experience skaters. We highly recommend you check them out and take a look at all of the other high quality skateboarding products they offer. For more skateboard review you can read our most recent blog articles.

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