Plan B Skateboards Review

Plan B Skateboards is one of the most well known and popular skateboard brands on the market. We have even ranked them on our list of the best skateboard brands. They have had a tremendous influence on the professional skateboarding scene but also the beginner skateboarding scene. In our ultimate Plan B Skateboards review we will look at the company’s history, their influence on the skateboard industry, as well as look at customer reviews.

plan b skateboards review

If you have been around the skateboarding scene for any amount of time then you have probably heard of Plan B Skateboards. Let’s jump straight into our review by discussing the history of Plan B Skateboards.

Plan B Skateboards History

Plan B Skateboards was one of the original street skateboard companies by being founded in 1991 by professional skaters Mike Ternasky and Tony Magnusson. Plan B was founded with the guidance of the World Industries company which helps skateboard companies such as Enjoi and Blind skateboards to manufacture and sell skateboards. This partnership has helped Plan B manufacture and sell their skateboards but it also placed an influence on the company to value profits more so then providing the best possible skateboard equipment.

This influence of profits was difficult to manage for the owners of Plan B Skateboards during the early years of the company but soon they transitioned into handleing the entire manufacturing and distribution process of their business. This allowed them to only value providing their customers with the best experience possible compared to focusing on profits. When this change made a huge difference when it came to providing high quality products for their customers as well as overall customer satisfaction.

Plan B Skateboards Products

Plan B Skateboards were founded with the idea of having a huge impact on the skateboarding industry and the first thing they wanted to do was provide high quality products. This started with skateboard decks and complete skateboards that were higher quality than what was previously on the market. Plan B Skateboards are manufactured by a world class skateboard production team which allows them to provide higher quality skateboards that are more durable, easier to ride, and smoother than competing brands.

Plan B Skateboards may have started with decks and complete skateboards but they have since expanded into creating and selling skateboard apparel as well as other equipment such as wheels, trucks, bearings, and other hardware. Plan B sells many different skateboard sizes and slightly different models so no matter what your preference is, you will be able to find the perfect skateboard for your needs.

Is Plan B Skateboards Good For Beginners?

Plan B creates incredibly high quality skateboards for the price point. There complete skateboards are much higher quality compared to more affordable beginner brands such as Darkstar Skateboards. Plan B creates professional level skateboards but also sells more affordable skateboards that are great for beginners. If you are a beginner or have been skating for a few month and are looking to upgrade your skateboard then Plan B is a perfect choice. Your Plan B board will help to improve your overall skating experience because of how smooth and solid the board is and since they are so durable then it will survive your skating style for a long time.

Pros Who Skate For Plan B Skateboards

One of the reasons that Plan B has become so popular in the skateboarding world is because of their investment into the professional skateboard industry. Ever since they were founded, Plan B Skateboards began sponsoring professional skateboarders which then led to fans buying their favorite skaters boards and apparel. Over the years Plan B Skateboards has had some of the largest skaters in the world skating for them such as Paul “P-Rod” Rodriquez, and continue to sponsor world class skaters.

Below is a list of current pros who skate for Plan B Skateboards:

  • Ryan Sheckler
  • PJ Ladd
  • Pat Duffy
  • Chris Joslin
  • Tommy Fynn
  • Felipe Gustavo
  • Aurelien Giraud
  • Danny Way
  • Sean Sheffey
  • Colin McKay
  • Trevor McClung

Plan B Skateboards Influence On The Skateboard Industry

Plan B Skateboards has had a tremendous influence on the skateboarding industry as a whole. They have made a significant impact on the beginner skateboarding scene by providing beginenrs with high quality skateboards that are durable and easy to ride. These boards will help beginner feel more confident and will hopefully help them learn to skater quicker compared to riding on a low quality skateboard.

Plan B Skateboards has influenced the professional skateboard industry by sponsoring professional skaters ever since they were founded in 1991. They have placed a priority on giving professional skateboards the resources and freedom they need to focus on their skateboarding and the competitions they skate in. This provided Plan B Skateboards with a lot of exposure because pro skaters who ride for Plan B began winning a lot of street skating competitions and their fans began buying their skateboards. Plan B Skateboards was one of the original wide spread skating brand that greatly influenced the beginner skating scene as well as the professional skateboarding industry.

Plan B Skateboards Review Conclusion

Plan B Skateboards is one of the most well known and popular skateboard brands in the world. They have had a great influence on the beginner skating scene as well as the professional skateboarding scene. We highly recommend Plan B Skateboard products because of how high quality their skateboards are. We think you will absolutely love skating Plan B Skateboards. For more informational content we recommend you read our most recent blog articles.

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