Types of Longboards In 2021 Explained

There are many different types of longboards available on the market which can make it difficult for beginners to understand what longboard to buy. We highly recommend that you learn about the different longboard types, what each type is best for, as well as learn about the best longboard brands in order make the best buying decision possible. In this article we will teach you everything you need to know about the different longboard types and help you find the perfect longboard for you!

different types of longboards

If you are new to skateboarding it can be difficult to find the best longboard for your needs because of how many different styles are available. For skateboarding it is important to shop from the best skateboard brands and the same thing is true for longboarding. In the section below we will talk about the different longboards but also give a few recommendations on brands you should look at

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Types of Longboards

In the section below we have listed the most popular longboards as well as what type of riding styles they are good for, and recommendations for who should buy these types of longboards.

Downhill Longboards

Downhill longboards are one of the most common longboards because of their versatility but they are really known for their potential to reach max speed. These longboards are specifically designed to reach the fastest speeds possible and have been known to reach over 50 MPH. There are some instances of extreme downhill longboards or professionally made max speed longboards have set speed records by going over 80 MPH. Most individuals wont use downhill longboards to set speed records. 

Most individuals will buy a this kind of longboard because of how easy it is to ride and how fun it is to ride. Downhill longboards are great for beginners because of how stable they are but they are capable of going really fast which can make it scary for beginners. We think downhill longboards are great for beginners but we recommend you be careful going down hills if you aren’t an experienced rider.

Downhill Longboards Features:

  • Downhill longboards are known for their ability to reach max speeds.
  • They are most commonly used for bombing hills.
  • They provide a stable and smooth riding.
  • Great for beginners but we recommend you take your time before bombing hills.
  • Easy to turn and control.

Drop Through Longboards

A drop through longboard has grown in populairty in recent years because of how smooth the ride is but also how easy it is to carve. The drop through longboard is known for its shape. The longboard looks similar to a normal longboard but has a narrow cutout on the nose and the end of the longboard. These cutouts allow riders to perform sharper turns and carve because the wheels won’t hit the bottom of the deck.

Drop Through Longboards Features:

  • Drop through longboards come in many different sizes but they are all good for cruising at high speeds.
  • The cut out in the longboards allows for sharper and more precise turns.
  • Great for carving and dancing.
  • Allows for low speed carving as well as high speed carving.
  • Drop through longboards provide high levels of control and ease when riding.

Carving Longboards

Carving longboards come in a variety of different shapes and sizes but they are known for their ability to allow riders to carve and control their longboards in ways that other types of longboards can’t offer. These types of longboards are often used for carving contests, for cruising, as well as dancing. They will typically have larger wheel and a more stable deck which provides the rider with more stability and control. Carving boards are great for beginners as well as experienced longboard skaters.

Carving Longboards Features:

  • Carving longboards are great for precise and accurate carving.
  • Carving longboards will typically range from 30 inches to 45 inches in length.
  • Carving longboards will typically have larger wheels which makes them smoother and easier to ride on the street or other bumpy terrain.
  • Carving boards are known for their mobility and ability to perform sharp turns.
  • They are great for beginners as well as for experienced longboarders as well.

Cruising Longboards

Cruising longboards are the original type of longboards and are often one of the first things that beginners will think of when they think about buying a longboard. They are much longer than standard street skateboards and have much larger wheels. This provides them with a much more stable and easy to ride nature. Cruising longboards are designed specifically for cruising around town with minimal effort. This means it only takes a few pushes to pick up speed and maintain speed as you go. Cruising longboards are great for beginners and are typically the first longboard we recommend you buy.

Cruising Longboards Features:

  • Cruising longboards are the original longboards.
  • They are created specifically for cruising around town on flat ground.
  • They allow the ride to maintain speed with minimal effort so riding is fun and near effortless.
  • Cruising longboards are great for beginners and experienced skaters.

Pintail Longboards

Pintail longboards are known for their unique teardrop shape at the end of the longboard. Similar to drop through longboards, this unique shape allows for deeper and sharper turns because the wheels won’t catch on the bottom of the deck. Pintail longboards are great for those who want to cruise but also for those who want to carve. The shape of the board is great for carving but the shape of the board can also be difficult for those who have large feet.

Pintail Longboards Features:

  • The pintail longboard is one of the most unique shapes out of all of the different types of longboards.
  • The teardrop shape at the end of the board allows for sharper turns.
  • The boards will typically have larger wheels which provides a smoother and faster ride.
  • It is important to give the board a try before buying a pintail longboard if you have extremely large feet.

Types of Longboards FAQs

Over the years, our team has received a wide variety of different questions from readers who need more help learning about longboards and picking a type for them. This is why we have listed the most common questions we have received about longboard types as well as our recommendations. If you have any questions that haven’t been answered in this article, please reach out to our team and we will try our best to answer your question.

Which Types of Longboards Should I Get?

Now that you have a better understanding of the different types of longboards it is important that you know about which type of longboard you should buy. It is important to pick a longboard based on your riding style as well as your height and weight. Longboards will provide different riding styles based on the type of longboard you buy. If you want a longboard so you can bomb hills and go as fast as possible then a downhill longboard should be your number one choice.

If you want to learn how to carve then a carving or drop through longboard is a good option. Each different type of longboard provides a different riding experience. The second thing to think about is your height and weight. If you are larger then it is important to buy a larger longboard that is more stable and will be easier to ride. If you are smaller it can be difficult to control a large longboard so we typically recommend that you buy a smaller longboard. Those are the two most important factors when thinking about the different kinds of longboards and which type is best for you.

The Different Shapes of Longboards

There are many different shapes of longboards which will impact the overall type of use case of each longboard. There are different types of longboard shapes to accommodate for downhill speeds, free-ride speed, and general cruising purposes. Some types of longboards are wide and more square, whereas other will be long a narrow. It is important that you take a look at many different shapes in order to know which kind of longboard is the best option for your needs. If you have a friend who owns multiple different longboards it could be beneficial to take each shape of board for a test ride to figure out which is a good option for your riding style and comfort level.

riding a longboard

Features of The Different Types of Longboards

Each longboard type is slightly different and can be used for different purposes. This means that each board will come with different features that are beneficial for specific riding styles but might not be as great for other styles. Some of the most important longboard features to lookout for are the shape and length of the board, if it has an elevated kicktail, the depth and size of the wheel wells, and more.

Longboards With Kicktails

The types of longboards with elevated kicktails are a great option for riders that want more control and stability while riding. These types of boards come in various different sizes, shapes, and styles but all have the same common feature: an elevated tail designed to allow you to perform tricks when needed. The elevated kicktail makes it easier to make sharp turns as you just have to press your weight on the tail of the board in order to slightly life the front wheels and then you can rotate your body and the board in the direction you would like to ride. Other longboard types won’t have an elevated kicktail and will be nearly completely flat across the entire longboard.

Different Wheel Wells

Wheel wells or the size of the wheels on your longboard are important because it will dictate how sharply you can turn. If you are experienced with longboarding then the types of turns that you can do will be dictated by your skill level. Some longboards will have stiffer trucks and shallow wheel wells that provide a sturdier ride but will make it more difficult to make sharp turns. Other longboards will have deeper wheel wells which means you will be able to turn more sharply without the wheels grinding against the deck of the board.

Overall Longboard Length

The length and shape of your longboard is one of the most important features you can look out for. You must pick a longboard length and shape that fits your riding style, your body shape, and is comfortable for your feet. Smaller longboards will be more agile and will allow for sharper turns, but larger longboards will provide a more stable and easy to balance ride. If you are a beginner and are looking to cruise then a long and wide longboard is the best option for your needs.

How Many Types of Longboards Are There?

There are dozens of different types of longboards on the market. It can be difficult to give an exact answer as many types are very similar to each other and there are constantly new types being released on a yearly basis. The different types can range from downhill longboards, fishtail longboards, bamboo longboards, and much more!

What Is The Most Common Type of Longboard?

The most common type of longboard is the traditional longboard or downhill cruising longboard. This type of longboard is wide and long and typically comes in a rectangular shape. It is also typically made from maple or some other types of wood. This type of longboard allows the user to carve down hills and take a smooth ride on a variety of terrains with ease. The traditional longboard is great for beginners as well as experienced skaters who just want to cruising or go down hills. It doesn’t have as much control as smaller longboards which are more agile, but it provides a smooth ride. A carving longboard, blunt longboards, or dance longboards are common and popular for those who are looking for a fun and smooth ride.

What Are Fishtail Longboards Used For?

Fishtail longboards are great for cruising on flat surfaces. This type of board is also very maneuverable and can easily spin or turn at high speeds due to its short length and unique tail shape. You can use this types of boards for transportation purposes, downhill racing, free riding, dancing, and much more. The pintail or fishtail shape of the back end of the board makes it so your wheels won’t come in contact with the deck of the board when you are making extremely sharp turns. This gives you more maneuverability and makes it easier to turn at high speeds. The fishtail longboard will reduce wheel bite and is known for being speed board longboards because of how popular they are for downhill riding. They are also used as freeride longboards because of how smooth they are but this will depend on the longboard wheels you use.

What Is The Largest Type of Longboard?

The largest type of longboard is typically the downhill longboards. This type of board requires a long and wide surface area and larger wheels in order to provide a sturdy base when going at high speeds. If the board was smaller it wouldn’t be as stable which would make it difficult to go downhills. There are many different brands that are creating different styles of longboards so it is important to keep your eyes out for new models. An electric longboard can be considered to be large because of how heavy they are with the battery pack and they are typically around the side of a classic surf style or drop deck longboards.

What Is The Smallest Type of Longboard?

The smallest longboards are the mini cruiser boards. This type of board is often used for short distances and tricks that need more maneuverability than most other types of longboards. They also allow you to get creative with your foot placement, so it’s easy to find a comfortable position when riding one around town or at home on ramps. These types of longboards are typically around the 28″ to 32″ mark in length but the overall size of mini cruisers can vary greatly depending on the brand.

How Do I Choose A Longboard Type?

Choosing the types of longboards that are best for you is something only you can decide. The main kind of longboards include downhill, cruising, dancing and trick style boards to name a few. All types have their own unique features making them better suited to specific styles or terrains.

It is important to think about where you will be riding, your skating style, your body frame, your feet size, and much more. Each longboard type is different but we typically recommend a traditional longboard or cruising longboard if you are a beginner as it will be the easiest to ride. These types of longboards will provide the most smooth ride. You can also take a look at double drop longboards, twin longboards, or pintail longboards as these are all incredibly popular.

Longboard Types Conclusion

Now that you know about the different types of longboards available on the market it is time to buy your first longboard! We think you will absolutely love longboarding and it will even meet new friends because of it! If you have any questions about longboarding or skateboarding we highly recommend you reach out to our team. For more informational articles please read our most recent longboarding and skateboarding blog articles.

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