How to Make Skateboarding Wax: A Step-by-Step Guide

Skateboarding wax is a vital component of skateboarding. Skaters use it to improve how their board reacts to the ground, as well as how they make turns and slides. There are many different types of skateboard wax that you can purchase, but homemade skateboard wax is cheaper and can be just as effective! In this blog post we will be teaching you how to make your own DIY skateboarding wax

how to make skateboarding wax

What Is Skateboarding Wax?

Skateboarding wax is a type of sticky substance that improves how your skateboard slides. It makes turns and slides faster, smoother, more enjoyable for riders. Skateboarding wax helps to reduce the amount of friction that your skateboard will have on the rail, curb, or other surface when you slid or grind on them.

Skateboarding wax will also help to make surfaces smoother and easier to skate on. Wax is often used on surfaces that are textured and uneven to help to fill in the cracks to make the surfaces smoother and easier to skate. This is why most skateboarders will keep skateboard wax in their bag no matter where they skate. We talk more about this in our best skateboard brands and best longboard brands articles.

Why Do You Need Skateboard Wax?

Skateboard wax helps keep your skateboard clean and smooth. It also improves how it feels to ride on, as well as how fast you can go. If you are a beginner skater or an expert, this small investment will improve how much fun you have while skating! Once the board starts feeling dry from use, reapply some fresh homemade wax for more grip and speed.

Many different types of skateboard wax can be purchased online or at physical stores: liquid waxes, plasti-dip spray-on waxes, traditional candle wax sticks. You might not have the time to run out to buy some new product each time you want to use it but homemade skateboard wax will always come in handy and it’s incredibly easy to make! You can learn more about what you need in our how to skateboard article.

Why Should You Make Skateboarding Wax Instead Of Buying It?

Buying skateboard wax from a retail store can be expensive and inconvenient. Making your own skateboard wax is a much cheaper and more sustainable option.

Making homemade skateboard wax only takes about ten minutes to complete, so you can do it on the go! It’s also an exciting project for kids of all ages (though adult supervision may be needed).

Using unneeded candles, old candle sticks or crayons makes this activity even more fun while giving them a new purpose in life. The melting process will get hot but it won’t burn as long as the wick is trimmed short enough. We highly recommend that you make your own skateboard wax instead of constantly buying new wax from a retailer.

Below we will teach you how to make skateboarding wax.

How To Make Skateboard Wax With Crayons and Candles

Skateboarding wax can be made easily by utilizing old crayons and old candles. This means you probably won’t have to go to the store for ingredients as these are typically items that most individuals have laying around the house. We are just repurposing these items into making skateboarding wax!

Step 1: Preheat Oven To 180 Degrees

First, we need to preheat the oven to 180 degrees. This will probably take around 10 minutes for your oven to warm up but this will give us enough time to prepare all of our ingredients. We recommend you don’t exceed 200 degrees when making skateboarding wax.

Step 2: Collect Old Candles & Crayons

The next step is to collect a handful of old crayons and old candle sticks. We recommend that you remove all of the paper and wicks from the crayons and candles. After you have collected a handful of crayons and candles, we recommend you break them into smaller pieces so it is quicker for them to melt in the oven.

Step 3: Put Wax Supplies In An Old Oven-Safe Bowl

You can gather all of your supplies into an oven-safe bowl. We recommend using an old bowl that you don’t care about anymore because the crayons are very colorful and there is always a chance you could stain your bowl. It is vital that this bowl is oven-safe.

Step 4: Add Oil

Once you have your broken up crayons and candles in your oven-safe bowl, you can add about one teaspoon of olive oil into the bowl. The oil will make the skateboard wax less crumbly and easier to use.

Step 5: Put Wax In The Oven For 10 Minutes

Once your oven is preheated to 180 degrees, you can put your bowl in the oven for roughly 10 to 15 minutes. The first few times you make skateboarding wax we recommend that you keep an eye on the progress of the wax as every oven is slightly different. Once all of the crayons and candles are completely melted, you can take the wax out of the oven.

Step 6: Put It In The Refrigerator To Harden

After you have melted your wax we recommend you put it in the refrigerator for around 30 minutes to allow the wax to become solid. Once the wax is solid, you are ready to use your skateboarding wax on nearly any surface!

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