How To Ollie A Skateboard

Have you ever wondered how to ollie on a skateboard? The short answer is that it’s not easy. It takes lots of practice, patience, and persistence for most people to learn how. In this blog post I will teach you how to do an ollie with tips for learning how and improving your ollie skills. First let me tell you about the history of the ollie, what it looks like, and how it came about!

how to ollie on a skateboard

History of The Ollie

In 1975, Alan “Ollie” Gelfand got frustrated with how hard it was to do tricks on his skateboard. He invented the ollie when he finally came up with a way to jump from one platform onto another. The ollie is often referred to as the original skateboard trick.

In essence, it’s how you learned how to ride a skateboard. It is done by using your back foot and pushing down on the tail of the board while at the same time popping up off from your front (or toes) with enough force that sends your board into an airtime event. The trick will take a lot of practice but is the most important trick you can learn on a skateboard.

How To Ollie Video Tutorial

How To Ollie On A Skateboard

Learning to ollie on a skateboard takes a lot of practice. You need to know how the board works, how your foot movements work, and how much force you should put behind an ollie. In this blog post, I will teach you how to ollie on a skateboard using my tips from years of experience.

Below are the steps required to learn how to ollie on a skateboard.

Get a skateboard

The first step to learning how to ollie a skateboard is to buy your first skateboard! It is great if you have a friend who is an experienced skateboarder so they can let you try one of their old skateboards. If you are looking to buy your first skateboard we recommend you read our Best Skateboard Brands article. This article will teach you everything you need to know when picking out the best skateboard for your needs.

Find a flat surface to practice on (a parking lot, driveway, or sidewalk) 

A flat surface is the safest and easiest place to learn how to ollie a skateboard. Learning on a hill isn’t safe for beginners and can make learning how to ollie incredibly difficult. This is why we recommend you learn to ollie on a flat and smooth surface such as a parking lot of a tennis court.

Place the board on the ground and stand on it with your back foot on the edge of the tail

Stand on top of the skateboard in a comfortable stance. Place your front foot on the center of the board. Place your back foot on the very edge of the tail of the skateboard.

Stop down on the back of your skateboard and life your front foot at the same time

It is important to stomp down on the back of the tail of your skateboard hard so it makes contact with the ground and pops into the air. In order for the skateboard to pop into the air you must jump and slide your front foot upwards the griptape of the skateboard at the same time.

Level out your feet in the air

Once you are in the air you must level your feet out so they are both flat in the air just above your skateboard.

Land by bending both knees and catching yourself before falling over too far forward or backward

The landing can be difficult for beginners who haven’t mastered balancing on the skateboard.

Tips For Improving Your Skateboard Ollie

Below are a few of our favorite tips for teaching beginners how to ollie on a skateboard.

– Jump higher in the air and use your arms to help you get more height

– Use a long board with bigger wheels, like an eight or ten inch skateboard. That way it will be easier to balance on while also being able to jump much higher.

-Practice on carpet before you practice on a hard surface so you don’t have to worry too much about balancing when you land.

How Good Of A Skateboarder Do You Have To Be To Ollie?

The main thing you need to do in order to be a good skateboarder and ollie is how well you can balance. Balance is key for skateboarding and is vital for learning how to ollie. If you aren’t able to balance on a skateboard then you won’t be able to ollie. We recommend that you skate around for awhile before even attempting to ollie. This will prepare you to learn tricks and will improve your muscle memory so balancing on the skateboard becomes more natural.

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