How To Wrap A Skateboard

A skateboard can be one of the best gifts that you give your child, friend, or family member. The only problem is that wrapping a skateboard can be incredibly difficult! In this article we will teach you how to wrap a skateboard in order to make your gift even more special for your loved one!

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How To Wrap A Skateboard As A Gift

Skateboards can be difficult to wrap as a present because of their unique shape. In this guide we will be talking about wrapping a complete skateboard which comes with the skateboard deck, trucks, wheels, and other hardware compared to just the skateboard deck which is easier to wrap. If you haven’t purchased your loved on a skateboard we recommend looking at our best skateboard brands article to help you decide on the perfect skateboard for your family member.

Skateboards come in different sizes and shapes which can make it difficult to wrap but the average skateboard is roughly 8″ in width and roughly 30″ in length. The difficult part about wrapping a skateboard is the trucks and the wheels of the skateboard will stick out so you won’t be able to wrap it flat. If you have a box that is large enough to fit your skateboard then this is a great option when wrapping it as a gift, however, it is difficult to find a box that is large enough.

The main issue with wrapping a skateboard is the shape of the skateboard but also the fact that you don’t want the individual to instantly know that it is a skateboard. So we recommend that you wrap the board in thick paper before you wrap it so that the wheels of the skateboard don’t poke through the wrapping paper. We will show a picture of this in our step-by-step guide below:

Step-By-Step Guide: Wrapping A Skateboard

Below are the steps it takes to wrap a skateboard in the most efficient and presentable way possible.

Step 1: Wrap The Skateboard With Butcher Paper

If you want the present to not look exactly like a skateboard then we recommend wrapping the skateboard with butcher paper or another form of thick paper before you put on the wrapping paper. This will give it a more square shape and will hide the wheels from poking through the wrapping paper. This image below shows how to wrap a skateboard with butcher paper.

how to wrap a skateboard as a present

Step 2: Begin Wrapping The Skateboard

Now that the skateboard is flat because of the butcher paper, it is time to begin actually wrapping the skateboard in wrapping paper. We recommend you flip the board over and start with the wheels facing up as this will give you a more flat surface when you are finishing up your wrapping. It is important to be careful when wrapping and not apply too much pressure as this could cause the skateboard wheel to punch through the wrapping paper.

Step 3: Use Plenty of Tape!

While you are wrapping the skateboard we recommend that you plenty of tape to make sure that the wrapping paper stays secure. Since skateboard are an unusual shape it can be difficult to wrap them and this is where the tape can come in handy to keep the wrapping paper connected. Make sure that you turn in the corners at the end of the skateboard to make sure that the board is completely covered with wrapping paper. And just like that you have learned how to wrap a skateboard as a gift!

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