Skateboard Truck Size Guide

Skateboard trucks are one of the key parts of every skateboard and longboard on the market. Unforutnately, most beginners and even experienced skaters don’t know much about trucks. The size of your trucks can have a severe impact on how well your skateboard operates. Even the best skateboards on the market won’t skate well if the trucks don’t fit the deck. In this guide we will teach you everything you need to know about skateboard truck sizes.

Skateboards and longboards wouldn’t be able to operate without accurately sized trucks. Some of the best longboard brands also specifically design their trucks because of how important they are for skating. Our skateboard truck sizing guide will help you find the right truck width for your skateboard. Let’s get started!

How To Pick The Correct Truck Width For Your Skateboard

There are many different skateboard sizes on the market and even more types of longboards which can make it difficult to find the right set of trucks for your new board. For skateboards it is important that you only use trucks that align with the overall width of the deck. For example, you want the width of the deck to match with the outer width of the truck and wheels. The image below shows this idea:

truck width size guide
It is important to match the width of the trucks to the width of the deck.

When the width of the deck matches the width of the trucks then the skateboard will be more stable and this is also the optimal placement for turning and carving. If the trucks and wheels are too narrow or too wide they will look funny but it will also be much less smooth when skating and turning.

What Do The Truck Measurements Mean?

When it comes to sizing skateboard trucks there are usually two different measurements provided. The first one is the hanger width which isn’t the entire width of the truck. This is the width of just the hanger of the truck and doesn’t include the width of the axle itself. The other measurement for skateboard trucks is the overall width which is a combination of the truck hanger width and the truck axle width. The two images below describe each of the two skateboard truck measurements and how they differ.

Truck Hanger Width Explained

skateboard truck hanger width explained

Truck Overall Width Explained

What Size Trucks For 8″ Deck?

An 8″ skateboard deck is one of the most common sized decks. Which can make finding the right size trucks easier for 8″ decks. The right size trucks for an 8″ deck is typically a 5.25″ truck. This can vary slightly depending on the brand of trucks but this is the most common and well know size trucks for an 8″ deck.

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Skateboard Truck Sizing Guide

Skateboards and longboards come in a variety of different sizes and shapes. This can have a drastic impact on the required trucks and the width of the trucks. In this guide we talked about how to size your trucks for your skateboard deck as well as the two different measurements involved with skateboard trucks. We also talked about the best trucks for an 8″ deck. We recommend you read our most recent skateboard blog articles for more informational content.

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