Why Is Mall Grabbing Bad

Mall grabbing is one of the most controversial talking points in the entire skateboarding and longboarding industry. In this article we will talk about the origin of the mall grab and then jump into why mall grabbing is bad in the skateboarding industry.

what is mall grabbing

Mall grabbing has been around for dozens of years. If you go to your local skatepark you will see skaters with the best skateboard brands holding their boards in a way that is incredibly controversial. And that way of holding their board is called the mall grab.

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What Is Mall Grabbing?

Mall grabbing, or just mall grab refers to a particular way of holding a skateboard where you hold the board by the trucks with the grip tape rubbing against your leg. The image above shows an example of two skaters who are both mall grabbing. The term mall grabbing comes from refers to poseurs who will carry their skateboards around the mall to make themselves look cool but don’t actually know how to ride a skateboard. So there is a stigma in the skateboard community that if you hold your skateboard by the trucks with the grip tape against your leg that you are a beginner who cares more about looking cool than actually skating.

When Was Mall Grabbing Invented?

The history of the term mall grabbing can be difficult to track down but most professional skaters believe they first started hearing the term in the early 2000’s. The term started small but soon grew a cult following and became incredibly popular within the skateboarding community. Many skaters believe that the term originated from longboard brands who invested heavily into marketing and always had the skaters holding their longboards by the trucks with the grip tape facing inwards.

There has always been a rivalry between skateboards and longboarders but during the early 2000’s this rivalry was at its fiercest point. Skaters were looking for any chance to make fun of and pick on longboarders which is part of the reason that mall grabbing caught on so quickly.

Why Is Mall Grabbing Bad?

Since there are many different skateboard sizes and many different longboard types you may think that it might not matter how you decide to hold your board. But unfortunately, there is a lot of talk in the skating industry about the correct way to hold a skateboard and why mall grabbing is bad. Mall grabbing is bad because it gives off the image that you are a beginner skater who cares more about looking cool than you do about actually skating. If you want to look like a poseur then mall grabbing is a good way to do it.

Mall grabbing is also bad from a logistical standpoint because it will damage your shorts or your pants because you will be walking with the grip tape rubbing against it. This can cause wear and tear to your pants. We have even seen skateboard companies such as Enjoi Skateboards designed skateboard decks that poke fun at mall grabbing.

At the end of the day, mall grabbing has a bad image in the skateboarding industry and we typically recommend that you stay away from it. But if you don’t care what others think then there isn’t a real reason not to hold your skateboard in this manner.

What Is The Right Way To Hold A Skateboard?

Now that you have a better idea of why mall grabbing is bad, we can talk about what are the correct ways to hold a skateboard. The first answer is the response you will get most often. The best way to hold a skateboard is to ride it instead of holding it with your hands. Skateboards were invented to be ridden instead of being carried so in order to become the best skater possible, you must ride it every chance you get! If you are forced to carry your skateboard we recommend you not worry too much about how you hold it and do what comes natural. For many individuals this is tucking it under their arm.

At the end of the day there are many different ways to hold a skateboard and we recommend that you do whatever comes natural to you. But it is important to know that if you mall grab then you may get judged by other skaters.

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